Joyful Behavior Analytic Services

ABA Therapy | Caregiver coaching | Potty Training | Behavior Management

Our mission is to help neurodivergent individuals live more independent and enjoyable lives with compassionate care through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Joyful Behavior proudly provides Trauma-informed aba to individuals between the ages 1-21 in the state of Maryland using skills based treatment (SBT).

At Joyful Behavior, we are dedicated to transforming lives through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with compassion and empathy at the core of our approach. Rooted in trauma-informed care, we nurture a supportive environment that promotes happiness and growth for both our clients and our team members. Our mission is to empower individuals, families, and our team, fostering meaningful connections, resilience, and lifelong progress. Together, we create a world where understanding, acceptance, and kindness guide every interaction, ensuring the well-being of all.